Double-Sided 850 Pull Up Banner Stand

This stand for two banners has a compact base that is sturdy and functional, not designed for elegance. One positive aspect of this design is that the base does not extend outward from the sides of the banner more than about a quarter of an inch. A Single pole supports the two banner top rails. The graphic (visible size) is 33.5" wide by 78.25" high. With the option of two different messages, this stand is compact and portable, but can be very useful in a trade show booth.
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One of the stands we offer is a retractable pull up cassette stand, that gives exhibitors the ability to flip open the base and insert a different cassette for a quick change of graphics. For example, you might want to promote one product or event before lunch and a different one after lunch. The double sided stand, if backed up against a wall could provide the same option at lower cost. Just rotate the stand 180 degrees and you have a different message. Most people use a double sided banner stand for situations in which it can be seen from both sides.
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This molded hard case is the perfect companion for your double sided stand. It provides great protection while being easier to pack than a typical banner stand bag. Depending upon the airline, you might be able to take it on the plane as carry-on luggage.
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Pricing includes a padded carry bag. This stand ships with two graphics featuring the same design or two different design

The visible size of the graphic is 33.25" wide by 78.25" high.

Double-Sided Pull Up with two banners
printed on 12 oz. smooth opaque vinyl -- $325
printed on 7 oz. velvet texture polyester -- $ 355

Case - $ 85

Shippiing is billed at cost. If you have a UPS account we can ship on your account. We will need the account number and the zip code where the account is held.
Prices are based on customer-supplied digital file in the appropriate format.

For more information about ordering and file preparation, please see our How to Order page.

For stem light options, please see our lighting page.

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