Heavy Base Outdoor Banner Stand

Most banner stands would be a very bad idea in an outdoor environment because the banner is like a sail, and even a gentle breeze will quickly blow it over… and probably down the street a block or two. This stand addresses this issue in several ways. First, the base is a container that can be filled with water or sand to make it very heavy.
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My preference is to fill the base with water, because it can be easily emptied to make it relatively light for the return trip. Some people prefer sand. Sand may be heavier; it is definitely more macho. Sand is not as easy to come by as water or as inexpensive. The rail at the bottom of the banner anchors very firmly to the the base, and is adjustable with aluminum rails in a sliding track to accommodate different widths.
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The aluminum extrusion for the telescoping pole is oval, not round. This makes it very strong and keeps it facing forward without rotating. The Y-shaped rods above the pole are designed to hold the tension across the top of the banner at variable heights and width. First loop the upper grommets over the hooks, then raise the pole until the banner is taught. Very clever and effective. (We can't take credit for inventing this system… we get it from the manufacturer.)
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Perfect for car shows, outdoor events, and sidewalks.
This stand will accommodate a banner as narrow as 23.5 inches and as wide as 40 inches. The height of the banner can be anything from 49.5 inches to 80 inches. The larger size is shown at left, and the smaller size is shown above. The smaller size is really most appropriate -- smaller sail and less chance of failing to withstand a heavy wind. The banner is angled back slightly, and the smaller size is ideal for presenting information without getting in the way.

Printing is on an outdoor reinforced banner vinyl with No. 3 grommets.

Price with recommended banner size of 23.5" wide by 49.5" high -- $ 255

Caution: Shipping is billed at cost. Because of the different components, this stand ships in two different cartons. And even though the base is empty, it fills a large box and still weighs a few pounds. In other words, please be prepared for some shipping expense.

Low Cost Alternative:
Soon, we will have a page describing how to build your own outdoor banner stand that will absolutely not blow over. It is limited to use on grass, though, unless you don't mind driving stakes into somebody's asphalt surface. If you're interested, shoot us an email, and we'll send the instructions.
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