Lighting options for Pull Up, Roll Up and L-Frame Banner Stands

Light is really important, but not always practical. Your banner stand needs to be near an electrical outlet. which usually means near a wall. You probably don't want to have an extension cord running across the floor to a spot in the middle of a room. At a trade show booth, light is more important than it would be in other venues because you are competing in a large area with hundreds of other displays trying to get the attention of passersby. We offer a variety of lights for banner stands. Most provide a sort of gallery light to highlight your graphic panel. A couple provide a much brighter light to draw attention to your message in a large venue. With our descriptions we are attempting to provide you the information you need to make the right choice, whether it be for practical or esthetic reasons.
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Above The twin wire arch light has a visual delicacy that will appeal to some. It uses a 12 volt 50 watt bulb. Replacement bulbs can be found at Home Depot and many other hardware stores. Price with bulb, bracket and 12 volt adaptor: $ 65. Made in the U.S.
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Above: The Clip-On light attaches quickly to the banner stand pole. I provides a gallery light with a 50 watt halogen bulb. It ships in a separate box. Price with bulb and 12 Volt adaptor -- $ 55
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A couple of years ago we designed a light bracket that attaches to any banner stand pole with a small pole clamp. A steel flat bar then rises over the top rail of the banner and supports any of a number of different straight arm stem lights.
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A slide block gives you the ability to slide the light forward or back to balance a heavier light with some of the weight extended behind the stand. With this "Riser Bracket," we can mount a stem light with a 200 watt halogen bulb to the top of a banner stand. The 200 watt 120 volt lamp above is intended for use on large trade show displays. It will make your banner stand by far the brightest spot in the room, and that is a great way to get attention in a crowded venue. Display Stem Light with bracket and 200 watt Halogen bulb -- $95 Made in the U.S.
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Above: Using our Riser Bracket, this 12 Volt LED stem light emits a broad illumination that is almost twice as bright as a 50 Watt halogen. Made by an American manufacturer, it was designed for use on larger displays, but with a very compact lamp head does not look out of place atop a banner stand. Price with bracket, 12 Volt adaptor, and buit in LED's -- $ 125
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Above: 120 Volt LED stem light with riser bracket. Illumination equivalent of a 50 Watt Halogen, thought it will seem brighter. Price with LED bulb -- $ 85 No adaptor required Made in the U.S.
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120 Volt straight arm banner stand light. A unique stem base has a cylindrical section that is inserted into the top of an open-top pole, providing a very clean, simple look. Since it requires an open top pole it fits only two of the banner stands currently offered on this site: The Economy and the Lite L-Frame. Price with 50 Watt Halogen Bulb - $45. No adaptor required. Made in China.
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