The Popular Pull Up Banner Stand

We have sold many of this stand because it is a good all-around mix of clean lines, light weight, and ease of set up. It is available in black finish or satin finish natural aluminum and three different widths. Used by many customers in their trade show booths.
Popular Retractable 800 - 31.5" wide by 83.25" high
Popular Retractable 920 - 35.5" wide by 83.25" high
Popular Retractable 1000 - 39.25" wide by 83.25" high
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Note that the opening for the graphic is at the very front of the base, which means that the banner stand base is barely visible when viewed from the front.
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This stand comes with a very nicely made bag with protective padding and a pocket for the pole.
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The 3-section pole assembles in a few seconds and plunks easily into this pocket, making quick work of set up.
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This stand has small feet in the front corners that can adjust the angle of the stand left to right on an uneven floor. Unscrewing both feet a little will cause the banner to lean back a little.
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Standing behind the pull up, step back a couple of steps as up pull up the top rail on the banner to lean it back toward you, making it easier to reach. Then slide connector on the top rail over the top of the pole.
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Includes a padded canvas bag with a shoulder strap and a pocket for the pole. Shippiing is billed at cost. Prices are based on customer-supplied digital file in the appropriate format.
For information about purchasing and submitting a design file in digital format, please see our How to Order page.
Price with 12 0z opaque smooth vinyl
Popular Pull UP Banner Stand 800 …. $ 245
Popular Pull Up Banner Stand 920 …. $ 275
Popular Pull Up Banner Stand 1000 …. $ 285
Price with Opaque Display Fabric
Popular Pull UP Banner Stand 800 …. $ 285
Popular Pull Up Banner Stand 920 …. $ 305
Popular Pull Up Banner Stand 1000 …. $ 325
Price with Light Block Velvet Polyester Film
Popular Pull UP Banner Stand 800 …. $ 265
Popular Pull Up Banner Stand 920 …. $ 285
Popular Pull Up Banner Stand 1000 …. $ 305
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We have a choice of two different lights for this banner stand:

1. (Above) 12 Volt LED Stem Light with special bracket -- $ 125
This light is normally used for larger displays, and is almost twice as bright as a 50 Watt halogen. Our unique riser bracket makes it possible to use with a banner stand because it takes advantage of a small pole clamp and a slide block that holds the straight aluminum arm. The 16" arm slides forward or back in the slide block. The rotation of the arm can also be adjusted to control the angle of the beam. In addition, the lamp head swivels up and down. Very rugged and well made in the US, it will provide years of service.

2. (at right) 50 Watt Halogen Clip-On Light - $ 59
This is a 12-volt lamp with an adapter near the end of the cord. This lamp has an on-off switch, which many other banner stand lights to not have. The stainless steel lamp house rotates and swivels to adjust the direction of the beam. The 12 volt 50 Watt bulb can be purchased in most hardware stores. We can ship it with a spare bulb for an additional $10.

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