The Wide-Base Pull Up Banner Stand

Light and sturdy. This stand combines sturdiness and light weight. The 12-inch wide base gives the stand a larger than typical foot print. It is also one of the easiest to carry and set up in the category of stands that do not rely on swivel-out feet for sturdiness. This roll up banner is a very portable display and is ideally suited for trade show booths.
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Above: the model 600 (24" wide) fully retracted and ready to pack in its padded carry bay. This model has a 4-section pole because a 3-section pole would be too long to fit in the same bag.
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The pocket hole in the base makes it super easy to seat the pole. Just plunk it in.
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Shown above: Wide Base 920- 36" wide by 83.25" high
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Pros and Cons - Flat Base vs. Swivel-Out Feet
Both this banner stand and the Popular Retractable have a flat base, which means no swivel out feet and therefore a more elegant appearance than the stands with feet that swivel out for stability. The disadvantage of the flat base is that it travels in a wider bag, while stands with feet have more cylindrical bases and travel in more narrow bags. They also tend to weigh less.
Pros and Cons - Wide Base vs. the Popular Retractable
Notice that this wide base has a visible aluminum slope in front of the graphic, which is visible and may seem distracting to some. It is sturdier though with its wider foot print. The Popular has only a narrow sliver of its base visible below the banner. The banner in the Popular very nearly touches the floor.
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The pole top slips securely into a socket permanently fixed to the top rail.
Includes a padded canvas bag with a shoulder strap and a pocket for the pole.
Sizes below refer to the visible size of the graphic when fully extended.

Price with Printing on Smooth Opaque Vinyl
Wide base 600 ---- 23.5" wide x 83.25" high -- $ 225
Wide base 920 ---- 36" wide x 83.25" high ---- $ 235
Wide base 1200 -- 47.5" wide x 83.25" high -- $ 275

Price with Printing on Opaque Velvet Texture Polyester
Wide base 600 ---- 23.5" wide x 83.25" high -- $ 255
Wide base 920 ---- 36" wide x 83.25" high ---- $ 275
Wide base 1200 -- 47.5" wide x 83.25" high -- $ 315

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Prices are based on customer-supplied digital file in the appropriate format.

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For Information on Vinyl vs. Polyester, preparing and submitting a digital file, and ordering, please see our How to Order page.
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