Close-Out Budget Priced Pull Up Poster Stand

As portable displays go, this one is near the top of the list for compactness and light weight. Whether you need a pull up poster stand for a trade show, a convention, an event, or to place in your store for promoting a special product, this pull up should work out fine.
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The open wire single foot swivels out to enable the pull up to stand by itself. When the foot is in the closed position, the stand is basically a cylinder and therefore very compact. The foot has a slot for securing the base of the pole. The pole is not as easy to secure as with many other stands, but the connection is very solid.
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Above: Revealed on the bottom of the casing is the ingenious design of the two feet, which together with the swivel-out foot provide the foot print that makes this stand stable.
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Unlike every other pull up banner stand in our collection, this one does NOT include a carry bag…. one of the reasons for its low price. It ships in a sturdy carton. We offer two levels of pricing: The higher price includes a banner printed on our standard material, and the lower price prints on a vinyl which renders great image quality, but is not opaque and not as resistant to curling at the edges.
Visible Image Size: 33.5" wide by 78.75" high
Close Out Pricing:
With printing on our standard 12 oz. opaque vinyl ………………… $ 115
With 10 oz smooth surface outdoor banner vinyl……………………. $ 95
Shipping is billed at cost.
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The pole connects easily with the top rail of the banner
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Since the stand has an open pole top, it will connect with our slim and low cost stem light …. $ 45
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The pole top has a built in clip that sips into a groove in the top rail
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