Hanging Banners

The whole idea behind banner stands is that you can stand up a tall banner in the middle of a room, which is to say you don't need a wall. However, if there is a wall, you should think about a hanging banner. There are a couple of big advantages: 1.) price and 2.) portability. A banner without the stand can ship in a tube, or be carried in a light weight cylindrical case.
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Hanging banners are a great solution for an inexpensive and easy-to-carry trade show back drop. We offer a hanging system the enables you to simply hang it over the pipe and drape that is typical in trade show and convention venues.
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You could hang an outdoor banner that comes equipped with grommets in the corners, but indoors, the best solution is usually to have a pole pocket at the top and bottom of the hanging banner so you can slide a pole though and thereby ensure that it is straight across the top and hangs completely flat with no rippling. We use tubular aluminum because it is completely straight and very light weight.
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Another option is an aluminum rail that grips the top and bottom of the banner and keeps it hanging flat.
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We offer hanging banners in three standard widths: 2 ft., 3 ft., and 4 ft. Custom widths in between those sizes are also available and can be quoted. The height can be as much as 20 ft. if you have a very high wall or inside balcony to hang it from.
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Pricing for Hanging Banners:
Each Banner is printed on smooth opaque vinyl, which has excellent color and image quality. Other materials are available for quoting. Each banner is available with one of two types of hanging systems:
1.) Pole Pocket and Aluminum Tube as shown above -- one at the top fitted with hanging hardware, and one at the bottom.
2.) Aluminum Rail --- one at the top with hanger as shown and one at the bottom.
Banners are shipped in a square corrugated tube unless otherwise specified in our order acknowledgment.
We do have a variety of banner cases and tubes available.
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Country singer songwriter Grace Bernicker has a great sense of marketing as well as a talent for music and lyrics. She targets college audiences by exhibiting at the trade shows that offer services and products to college administrators, and she schedules singing engagements at college events and weekend performances arranged by the colleges for student entertainment.

Grace contacted us looking for an idea for a backdrop she could take to these trade shows for colleges. It had to be inexpensive, easy to carry … and of course effective. A hanging banner 4 ft. wide by just under 8 ft. high seemed like the perfect answer. She sent us a great photo, and we were able to find the font that matched the way she likes to display her name.
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After getting a start on the college circuit, she is now playing regular venues in Nashville and Philadelphia. Grace has a great country voice, and her lyrics are worth listening to. You should check out her style at http://gracebernicker.com
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A Photo Mural of Hanging Banners

You can spend a bunch of money on a back wall for your trade show booth (typically between $1,000 and $4,000 for a ten-foot booth space). Trade show displays normally involve some kind of structure that you stand up at the back of the booth. Almost all trade shows and conventions take place in huge rooms that get divided up into aisles and rows of booths using a "Pipe and Drape" system. The "decorator" companies that provide and set up the pipe and drape seem to go out of their way to make the drape as unattractive as possible, thereby practically forcing you to want to spend money to bring your own back wall.

A typical back wall costs around $3,000 with graphics and weighs over 100 lbs. It takes a good half hour to set up if you have done it before. So why not consider a nifty alternative and use the pipe and drape structure that is already at the back of your booth.

The example shown here is a simulation of a 3-banner mural mapped onto a photo of a typical 10 ft. booth. We recommend three panels 38” wide and 92" high. The width will be a few inches shy of the width of the booth because you may not get exactly 10 feet, and you don't want to bunch it up. You also don't want a full 8 ft. height because that would almost certainly hit the floor and bunch up.

Another key detail is that hanging banners will probably not have perfectly aligned seams, so we suggest avoiding key detail crossing the seams. Notice in the example at right that the headline is arranged carefully to have the seams go between the letters. One thing you don't get with this idea that structure displays do have is lighting. There is no good way to attach lights at the top to brighten and draw attention to your backdrop. We could supply you with stem lights and brackets that would clamp to the 2" diameter pipe the drape hangs on, but it would be awkward and add to the cost and weight.

This would not be a perfect solution for trade show booths if you were not looking for economy and an easy way to get to the show without lugging or shipping a hundred pounds of display. (In coming weeks this site will feature other ideas that cost a little more but still weigh less than a hundred pounds.)

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