American Banner Stand is sponsored by Ocean Color - a large format printing and trade show display studio started in 1995. All of our roll up and pull up banner stands include a custom printed banner. We offer inexpensive design services for customers who do not have a banner design ready to print.

We have tried to make this web site as informative as possible, but you may still have questions, which we will be happy to answer. Just call or send an email.

Our Limitations

We have evolved into a relatively small custom shop. We take pride in our craftsmanship and attention to detail. And we are not a large high-volume business. This means that we may not be able to ship your display in 24 or 48 hours. We may have to order the hardware we need, adding as much as a week in some cases to production time.

How to Order

This is not an e-commerce site. Please call or send an email to let us know what you need.

We accept major credit cards, and can take your information over the phone. For security reasons, please do not send credit card information by email.

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When we have the following information we will send you an order acknowledgement to make sure there is no lack of clarity in what you are receiving and when, as well as the complete pricing.

1. The specific display type and size that you need.
2. Your contact information
3. Ship-to address
4. Date needed by.
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Then, after you approve the order, we get credit card information from you by phone and proceed with production. It is essential that you check the shipping address on the order. A small mistake could keep you from getting your roll up banner in time.
Privacy Policy

We have no interest in and no intention to share our customer info with anyone. We would like to stay in touch with customers when the order is complete in hopes that you will remember us the next time you need a display, and we may want to tell you about new things we have, but tell us if you don't want those emails and/or mailings.

Return Policy

Everything is returnable for a full refund. Even if we think we did a great job, the last thing we want is a customer who feels he got cheated. We do count on the decency of our customers to not return something simply because they have already used it and don't need it anymore. and that faith in our customer is almost always well founded.
Selecting the Media

Note: The large format printing industry started using the term "media" to describe the material we print on as soon as the word "paper" could no long apply because we were printing on film, vinyl, fabric and various other materials.

Early variations of vinyl for printing on were intended for outdoor banners. Typically outdoor media has two layers of vinyl with a thin polyester mesh in between to provide strength against tearing in the wind. We still use polyester reinforced vinyl for printing outdoor banners. The texture of the polyester mesh is usually visible in the surface. We could print indoor graphics on this banner vinyl, but we have much better material in the form of a smooth opaque vinyl. It is still a 3-layer sandwich, but the middle layer is a light blocker and the surface is as smooth as paper. The permanent, fade resistant and waterproof ink we use works very well on this vinyl, rendering good detail and rich color. The graphic will be about 85% opaque, which means you won't see a shadow of the pole if there is any light behind the banner.

Polyester Film
This material has been introduced to the industry fairly recently. It has a fine velvet texture, which is the perfect surface for rendering rich color and deep blacks with just the right amount of "glisten" so that it has the richness of gloss without the glare. It is also opaque, very flat, and very thin. The thinness means that it retracts more easily back into the base when you take down the stand.

For years banner stand producers were plagued by the curl that result from winding up a graphic under tension, which is what happens with retractable banner stands. The banners tended to curl toward the back, and most people found the curled edges distracting. The vinyl we use does an excellent job of staying flat, and the polyester film is even better.
These qualities make it our choice for best quality. And not surprisingly, it is more expensive.

Opaque Fabric
The image quality of this material is not better than what we get on the polyester, but there is a richness to fabric that some prefer

Light Fabric
This fabric renders very nice colors, but the blacks are not the kind of deep black you get with polyester or the heavier opaque fabric. The light fabric is also not opaque and in fact can be translucent with light behind it. Still because of its light weight, it is a great selection in some uses when opacity will not be critical.

Media Samples
If you have enough time before you need your banner stand, we can send you small printed samples of our materials to help you choose. Samples are sent by regular mail with no charge. If we need to send samples by next day express, we will need a credit card number so we can charge you for the expense.

How we check your digital file and resolve any issues

We will check out your submission to make sure that the job can be done correctly and the way you want it.

We watch out for
------ Digital files in the wrong format
------ Inadequate or poor resolution
------ Formatting or dimension problems
------ Color problems
------ Apparent design flaws such as overlooked chunks of color cut off from a photo or background.

If we see a problem, we contact you by email to explain and ask how you want to resolve it. When it looks like it will require time on our part to resolve or fix any problems, we advise you of the additional cost before proceeding.

Creating and Sending your design as a digital file.

Before you wade through this section, please know that if you do not create your own computer designs or have a graphic designer doing it for you, we can take care of all that for you. You can send us a description of what you want in an email or discuss it over the phone…. or even draw it on a cocktail napkin. We listen carefully to understand what you really want, create a design and send it to you by email, making changes until you are happy with it before we print.

1. To avoid delays and possible extra charges for file preparation, your artwork should be created in Photoshop and saved as a flattened TIFF. If your design was created in Illustrator or InDesign, it should be saved as an EPS then opened in Photoshop. Be sure to choose CMYK color space and 150 ppi (pixels per inch) resolution.

1a.. You can send us your file in a different format, such as Illustrator or InDesign, but that may result in issues that need to be resolved, possibly causing delay and additional charges. Illustrator and InDesign require images to be linked and sent along with the design. Also fonts can be an issue. Even if we have the font you use, it may not be compatible. If you send an Illustrator file that has only vector and text, then make absolutely certain that ALL text has been converted to outlines.

Designs created in PowerPoint cannot be printed as large format graphics. PowerPoint designs serve only as a set of instructions showing us what you want in your design, and the design would have to be completely rebuilt in an appropriate program, such as Photoshop.

2. The TIFF should be in CMYK color space and it should have 150 pixels per inch resolution at full size.

3. If photo or background color extends to the edge of the print, you should provide BLEED which is an extra 1/4 inch or inch of color that we can cut through. Also leave an extra one inch of background or color at the bottom of the visible design to makes sure white space is not exposed when you pull up the banner.

4. Check our TEMPLATES section for banner stand dimensions. Each stand has its own template. If you are creating a hanging banner or outdoor banner, you can make it any size you want ... within our overall size limits as specified in the appropriate price schedule.

5. Save your file in TIFF format with LZW compression. You can also save it as a high quality jpeg.

6. Upload the file using our FTP account with YouSendit (now named Hightail. It is very easy. Simply type or copy and paste the following into the URL line of your browser:

Then follow the simple drag-and-drop instructions. Add text to your email to explain what you want and/or send a FOLLOW-UP EMAIL with instructions and contact information.

Click here for our tips on sizing your graphic.
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Note: With the exception of images imbedded in the header design at the top of this page, all of the photos on this web site were taken by Ocean Color Group, Inc. for its exclusive use and are copyright protected.

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