How to size your design

The example below illustrates sizing for the Popular 800 Pull Up Banner Stand, which has a visible graphic size of 31.5" wide by 83.25" high. For any of the pull up retractable stands, you want the overall size of the background image or color to be 1/4" larger than the visible area on the top and two sides and 1' larger on the bottom. For the non-retractable stands, make the background 1/4" larger on all sides, including the bottom.
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Visible Area:
(shown by thin black line)
31.5" wide
83.25" high

Bleed Size:
Make the image
or background
32" wide
84.5" high
to provide an
extra 1/4" on top
and and two sides
and an extra 1"
at the bottom

This example is to
scale except that the
bleed border is
exaggerated to make
it more visible here.
When your design is complete save your file for your own records with all its layers as a .psd file, then flatten it and save it as a flattened tiff to send us. The beauty of a flattened tiff is that what you see is what you get. There can't be any missing links or font issues.

Sizing the Popular 800
Make your design a little bigger than the "Trim Size" or visible area so that we can have a little extra color to cut through and get a clean edge

The extra inch at the bottom ensures that you won't see any white leader below the image, when the banner is pulled all the way up.

Time Saving Tip
If you are building your design in Photoshop, which is what we recommend, the best way to get the sizing right is to create a new image file in photoshop. (File / New in the main menu)
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Then, drag your photo background into the box and resize it to fit. It will be a new layer on top of the original white background. In Photoshop Edit / Transform / Scale. Be sure to hold down the shift key as you drag the corner of the image to scale it down or up. This will maintain the proportion, without changing the shape.
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