Outdoor Banners

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Outdoor banners provide a very low-cost way to advertise your business or event compared to most other ways. Printing is done on vinyl that is reinforced with polyester fibers to enhance tear and stretch resistance. The prints do not need lamination since the ink we use for this type of banner is very resistant to fading, even in bright sun for long periods of time. The specs say two years outdoors, but we made banners for a local customer that have been outside in our town for over 7 years, and I cannot see any loss of color in them. Also, with outdoor banners, there is very little finish work involved. Often just grommets, which do not add a lot of cost. Sometime we cut wind slits to allow the wind to pass through with over stressing the banner.
The banner at left is 20 ft. wide by 4 ft. high. We reinforce the grommets with one or two extra layers of heavy vinyl. This Fall Fest banner is supported only by grommets in the corners.
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The illustration at right shows the basic materials we use for printing banners. The middle weight 13 oz. is standard and appropriate for most circumstances. 18 oz. is much more expensive and would be overkill for most situations. The light weight 10 oz. prints really nicely and is great for indoor applications where economy is a factor.

Canvas is by no means a normal material for printing banners because of its high cost and is normally used for art reproduction or a great way to print artistic photos. However, it should not be ruled out for special circumstances. For example, if you are looking for a material to print something creative that will be bonded to a flat surface like wall paper.

Shown at right also are three different colors of No. 2 grommets. We actually recommend No. 3 grommets for outdoor use whenever there may be a breeze because the larger grommets will be stronger.

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Pricing for Outdoor Banners

Prices are based on customer-supplied designs in ready-to-print TIFF format. Please see our information of file preparation in How to Order. Files submitted in a different format or otherwise not ready to print may incur additional charges. We do offer a complete design service for any customers that don't have the design ready to go.

Each banner is supplied with grommets in each of the four corners. Additional grommets are 75 cents each.

We do not offer precise color matching. Colors are tested and may be adjusted to be oveall pleasing or close to your target.

Turn around time is normally 3 business days. If our schedule permits, we may be able to get your banner completed in less time.
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We produced these banners for Habitat for Humanity in New York. They illustrate how visible a 15 ft. or 20 ft. wide banner can be, even in an urban environment. The banners were designed by the Habitat staff. Like the Fall Fest banner above, they are supported by tie lines to grommets in the four corners.
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A Word on Banner Design

You may think of a banner as a large sign whose only purpose in life is to announce something in words. We like to think of it as more than that. It is an opportunity to convey something with feeling. Use as few words as possible and find imagery that will communicate your message before the first word is read. Color printing is better than it used to be. Vinyl banner material does very well with color and photos. We designed and printed the 8 ft. wide banner at right for use outdoors. It was worth spending time reviewing images on a good stock photo web site to find one that would not only work well as a background for the logo, but also get the point across with the imagery. With a photo like this we will run a small test print to make sure it really looks like a bright sunny day. The viewer should feel the sunlight. The white clouds add life to the sky but also are better than just blue to offset the logo. If the sun doesn't look bright enough, we make it brighter. If the clouds aren't white enough, we make them whiter. In fact, we added a subtle white cloud over the bow of the boat to draw your eye to that spot and better offset the red in the logo. When the logo or text is dark in color, you need a relatively light background for contrast. Sometimes black backgrounds and dark images are a good idea, but sometimes they are just dark. Sunny brightness and light colors are more likely to elevate the human spirit.
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After Super Storm Sandy devastated the Jersey coast, Cerami Worldwide Communications of Belleville, NJ designed the banner at left as a triumphant message of survival and rebirth to welcome vacationers back to the area. Notice that the sky is a deep blue, working as a great background for white lettering. What makes this banner really cook is the sunshine on the face of the girl, who is expressing the sheer joy of sunshine on a warm beach by the ocean. Again, what would the words convey without that special image to convey the feeling.
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An Inexpensive Billboard

When St. Peter's Church in Newport, Rhode Island was looking for a way to promote a stage production of the Last Supper, we suggested a billboard that could be built with simple 4x4 and 2x4 construction. Two frames 8 ft. wide by 4 ft. high were supported on a triangle of 4x4 posts. No need for plywood… just the frame structure. Then we designed and printed two 8' x 4' banners to convey the message. One would be seen by traffic going into town (below), and the other by traffic going out of town on the main street. The banners had No. 2 (very small) grommets, which accommodated screws into the wood to hold the banner taught. Dead simple and very cost effective.

The ink we use is completely water proof and will not fade in sunlight. These banners were taken down after the event but could have stayed in place for years. Not sure they would have survive a hurricane, but they could be easily taken down for extreme weather and put back up with a handful of screws.
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Note: All of the product and header photos on this web site were taken by Ocean Color Group, Inc. for its exclusive use and are copyright protected.

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