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The Old Story
The graphic at right was created about 10 years ago using a photo that was then 10 years old. I am a lot older than that now, but the story really hasn't changed. I came to this business from a background in photography, then graphic design and marketing… not from Harvard Business School.

In 2002, with the help of a very capable staff, we were able to build a group of web sites that made the phone ring almost constantly with calls from across the country and even around the world.

The large format and display industry has gone through tremendous change over the past ten years or so. We still do the things we used to do, but we are also keeping up with the times. Ocean Color is now a specialized design and production studio attached to my house. I have been able to partner with some of the best production companies in the country, giving me access to unlimited capabilities. Whatever is not produced in Ocean Color's home studio is still closely supervised by me, and I stand behind everything Ocean Color offers.

For more information on our range of large format and display products, visit
Ocean Color .com
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Some of the companies and organizations Ocean Color has helped with displays and display graphics over the years:
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Note: With the exception of images imbedded in the header design at the top of this page, all of the photos on this web site were taken by Ocean Color Group, Inc. for its exclusive use and are copyright protected.

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