Sturdy Cases for carrying or shipping Banner Stands and various other Displays to Trade Shows and Conventions

Whether you are taking your pull up banner stand on the plane with you or jamming into the trunk of your car or shipping it, a sturdy molded case will offer real assurance that it will get there in one piece.

While most of our pull up and L-frame stands come with a padded carry bag, the bag alone is not enough protection for shipping or checking as extra luggage at the airport. (We recommend saving the carton we ship it in.) The extra expense of a case might be worth it, but don't forget that the case also adds weight and size to the calculation for cost of shipping.
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Shown above is the SmartPak® banner stand case by ExpoGo. It is as stylish at it is sturdy. Why is that important? Well you don't want to be embarrased by your luggage. Inside dimensions are 5" x 5" x38" Price: …. $ 85 plus shipping.
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The case above is a little larger and perhaps not as stylish. Still very sturdy and will provide great protection.
Inside Dimensions: 5" x 6" x 40" Price: ……. $ 60 plus shipping
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At Left: The case for our Double Pull Up stand will also accommodate two of our smaller compact roll up stands that have swivel-out feet. The swivel out feet mean that the base of the stand is mostly cylindrical as opposed to have a wide, flat base. The width of the banner should be 33.5 in. or less.
Price: ……….. $ 75 plus shipping
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Larger Cases with Wheels for multiple stands and banners

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These larger SmartPak® cases are great when you want to ship two or three, or even four pull up banner stands in a single case. There are many types of portable displays that you may need to travel with or ship to a trade show that these cases would be ideal for. Many trade show booths already have cases that are tailored to fit, but you may find that you need a separate case for shipping the graphic panels.
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All of these SmartPak cases come with wheels, so they can be easily pulled through an airport or across a convention floor. You realize how important it is for the wheels to be well protected when you see a shipping company driver drop a heavy case from the back of his truck onto hard concrete.

The latch will accommodate a padlock. But beware: any kind of lock is a very bad idea if you plan to take your case with you when you fly. The security people will break open the lock to make sure you aren't hiding anything dangerous. Before we realized this, we had customers reporting that there banner stand cases arrived open with the contents spilling out. They will probably break the latch, not just the lock. If you need to use something to make sure the latch stays closed, use a small zip tie that can be easily cut.

Photo Credit: Photos of the blue cases were supplied by the manufacturer.
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